Thursday, June 20, 2013

Thoughtful Thursday-More Jenny

Yesterday morning I went through photos I had of Jenny Hunter Groat for an article Mike Gold is writing for Letter Arts Review. This is from a poster she made for the summer dance classes at her studio Dance West in 1968. I love the picture and what she says:

People always want to classify and label the style of an artist, but when they try to "place" me, some peculiar things happen. I do whatever I like, and at present, that means at least 2 different things: (1) the "mixed-media theater piece," drawing upon very non-literal associative elements, whch speak directly to the viewer's subconscious and can be, therefore, disturbing and (2) "pure movement" organized in ways so that, for the most part, it can be different in each performance. To me, the way of experiencing these two things is the same. The viewer has to able to enter into each thing directly, through his own ability to feel & respond, rather than through intellectual analysis. Those who try to compare my work to the work of others or to something else I've just done, always find I'm doing something ele.


Trish J said...

Jenny: always the free spirit! Thanks so much for sharting this.

Mo Crow said...

beautiful photo and inspiring quote for this Solstice day

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