Friday, July 26, 2013

ArtLessons@BookCrossing Underway

The 61 books for ArtLessons@BookCrossing: 50 States, 10 Provinces: The U. S. Canada Project are on their way. One copy of Art Lessons: Reflections From An Artist's Life has been mailed to one person from each of the 50 states (plus the District of Columbia) and ten provinces. Thank you to everyone who has agreed to participate and to all that tried but missed.

It has turned out to be a lengthy process. I gathered names from responses to my posts here, on facebook, and on the Book Arts List. When there were still states and provinces to fill, I went online and researched book arts and arts in the various locations and sent emails out of the blue to artists, many of whom responded.

I designed labels for each book

and for the sealable plastic bags that Book Crossing suggested the books be placed in for wild releases which may be out of doors in public places.

Next I registered each book on Book Crossing so it can be tracked as it travels and wrote the Book Crossing ID number on each book, keeping track of which number went to which state and province.

Each book went into its bag

and then into an envelope with a piece of cardboard.

The envelopes were addressed, sealed, stamped and sent on their way. Should you be interested in the journey, go to BookCrossing, enter the ID number of the book from a particular state or province and see where it goes.

BookCrossing is a concept based on faith—that everyone will pass the book along. I hope it works and look forward to watching. And of course, if anyone who passes along the book feels she needs a copy of her own, so much the better.

AL: 075-12073026
AK: 128-12073041
AZ: 987-12073087
AK: 308-12073092
CA: 528-12073096
CO: 515-12073106
CT: 891-12073125
DE: 941-12073127
DC: 989-12073134
FL: 346-12073141
GA: 700-12073153
HI: 335-12073160
ID: 390-12073164
IL: 099-12073170
IN: 456-12073178
IA: 228-12073182
KS: 527-12073187
KY: 500-12073188
LA: 675-12073234
ME: 047-12073240
MD: 034-12073246
MA: 621-12073253
MI: 857-12073269
MN: 424-12073274
MS: 196-12073280
MO: 436-12073281
MT: 270-12073287
NE: 576-12077768
NV: 869-12073292
NH: 162-12073296
NJ: 127-12073302
NM: 739-12073308
NY: 554-12073312
NC: 657-12073316
ND: 730-12075348
OH: 787-12075352
OK: 332-12075376
OR: 448-12075383
PA: 432-12075388
RI: 391-12076551
SC: 413-12075395
SD: 508-12075400
TN: 176-12075405
TX: 072-12075408
UT: 304-12075414
VT: 252-12075421
VA: 629-12075435
WA: 587-12075441
WV: 115-12075447
WI: 509-12075452
WY: 153-12075462

AB: 639-12075474
BC: 955-12075479
MB: 835-12075518
NB: 532-12076554
NL: 037-12075511
NS: 655-12075515
ON: 668-12075505
PE: 687-12075507
QC: 256-12075509
SK: 169-12075484

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