Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Book Arts Tuesday-Celebrating Cleveland

Sunday's New York Times article, Culture Blooms in Cleveland, reminded me of my wonderful trip there last fall and the fact that I had wanted to do a post about the little book I created in an edition of 10 as a memento. I first started making little books about trips with photos glued to the pages. When I decided I wanted to have copies to share, I designed the pages in indesign and then printed and assembled the books. Here's the indesign document to print 2 books.

For the first time, I used double stick tape instead of glue stick. I loved it. Since I'm all about making things easy for this kind of little project, I'm not sure why it took me so long to try tape instead of glue stick which replaced the more complicated brush and paste. It may have been my years of teaching children. It would be impractical to have enough tape dispensers for a large group and hard for little fingers to handle the small strips of tape. I will definitely be using it again in the future.

Other small memento books; the High Line in New York, Montreal at Christmas, Virgin Gorda


Trish J said...

I love little books too Susan. Thanks for sharing the template. I also like the Xyron "machine" for adding glue to lots of little pieces on a continuous backing sheet, which then can be trimmed to size. Xyron sells rolls of repositionable as well as permanent glued paper: see www.xyron.com

Susan Kapuscinski Gaylord said...

Was not familiar with Xyron. Sounds interesting Trish. Thanks. I will look into it.

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