Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Book Arts Tuesday-Spirit Books Update

I have had a long relationship with the Spirit Books. The first one was made in 1992 (Spirit Book #1: Sewn Prayer above) which was right about the time I decided to not worry at all about selling my work and develop the teaching to be my source of income. Since I was never very good at selling my work, it was an easy to call to give up the frustration and concentrate on the work itself. I did exhibit the books as much as possible.

When I say I don't really sell the Spirit Books, people say, I understand. It must be so hard to part with them. That is not it at all. I keep one on display so that people who visit have something to see but the rest are on boxes in the attic. I rarely think about them but when I do I find them as much a burden as a joy. I have created these objects which many find beautiful and I feel a responsibility to them. And that responsibility is that they should be seen and experienced.

Here is what I am doing to honor that responsibility:

Traveling Exhibition of 18 Spirit Books
These books will stay together as a set and not be for sale. The packing has been created and tested (Howson Gallery in Cleveland last fall). An accompanying book (of all the Spirit Books which will also be sold online) and other promotional materials are in the works. It is my intention that the books come back to me after each showing rather than travel continuously. There will be a budget for the exhibition which will include shipping costs. I expect it to be all together sometime in the fall at which point I will begin looking for venues.

Spirit Books Solo Exhibitions within Driving Distance of Newburyport, MA
Some of the Spirit Books are too difficult to ship. These are available for exhibitions in places I can drive the work to. There are 15-20 books in this category and all are for sale. I will put more energy into looking for places. Suggestions are most welcome.

Spirit Books at Narrative Threads at Abecedarian Gallery in Denver, CO
My two most recent Spirit Books are on exhibition at the Abecedarian Gallery in Denver. The are both priced as absolutely reasonably as they can be—$550. each. Alicia is happy to ship work from her gallery so please take a look even if you are not from the Denver area.

Spirit Book #55: Sheltering Flight

Spirit Book #56: Sacramental Strength

The Spirit Books Catalog
I am at work on a catalog of all the Spirit Books to date. It will printed and sold online through MagCloud. Cynthia Imperatore is writing the introduction. I hope to have it available in the fall.

The trick for me is always to sustain the more practical efforts on behalf of my work when there are so many new ideas and projects calling. Your thoughts and suggestions are most welcome.


Velma Bolyard said...

i'm glad there will be a spirit book book.

Valerianna said...

I'm glad, too, about the spirit book book... AND that there will be books on the go that will stay and be seen, that is wonderful. I would travel (from Western Mass) to see a Spirit Book exhibit not far from Newburyport and will also think about places that might work for an exhibit out this way, too.

BTW, I love how Mo Crow is collaborating with your spirit book book... so wonderful.

Unknown said...

Susan, Calgary, Alberta is the venue for Art of the Book 2013. As a member of the Canadian Bookbinders and Book Artists Guild Calgary chapter, I would be most honoured if we could arrange to bring your exhibition to Alberta. Once arranged and when you are ready to look for venues, please contact me. We are Facebook friends, so you can look me up through there when you are ready to discuss. With best wishes, Dea Fischer

Mo Crow said...

Oh this is such amazing and exciting news Susan! Will signed copies of the Book of Spirit Books be available? and that the Spirit Books are getting out into the world to find their people is very exciting!!! X fingers I will get to see some of the books in real life near Asheville North Carolina in early August next year for my Mom's 85th birthday, with a bit of wishful magic maybe your Spirit Books will be somewhere nearby 'round then?!

Susan Kapuscinski Gaylord said...

Thanks Velma. Valerianna, I'd love to exhibit them in western MA. Suggestions welcome. And Dea, the honor would be all mine.

Carol said...

Susan, I'm watching Mo's book with excitement and now to think there will be a Book of Spirit Books is even more exciting. Your Spirit Books are inspirational and I'm so pleased that they will be going out there for people to see. I wish Australia wasn't so far away.

Susan Kapuscinski Gaylord said...

By the way, by driving distance I mean up to 3-4 hours away from Newburyport, MA.

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