Monday, September 09, 2013

Outdoor Sculpture at Maudslay

Saturday was installation day for Sculpture at Maudslay. The theme this year is Interwine. Here is my statement for the catalog:

Resting Prayer

Intertwine past and present
Lay to rest old work and old ideas
Pray for the rebirth and renewal of the spirit

Originally named Rising Prayer, this piece was installed at the Carney Gallery at Regis College in 1995.

It had been wrapped in quilt in my studio since 1995, a silent and covered presence that would occasionally tug at me and say, I should be seen. Over the years, despite the covering, the paper faded and it was no longer gallery quality. When I finally decided to deal with it this past winter, I thought it should have a farewell at Maudlsay before its end, hopefully through burning.


Mo Crow said...

transformation with time

Debbie said...

Beautiful, love the outdoor setting

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