Sunday, October 20, 2013

Studio Sunday-Paris Photos

Almost two weeks back from our wonderful three weeks in Paris, I am slowly dipping into my large collection of photos. They have been transferred from the laptop to the computer where they await my inspection. It's a slow process. Although I feel like I made the transition back to reality reasonably well, I find that too much time with the photos makes me cry.

When we arrived in Paris, I had one particular goal for my camera and me—photographs of gardens for a possible talk for the Newburyport Horticultural Society and two general ones—to document the trip and to take pictures of anything that struck my fancy. I did take lots of photos of gardens (the talk will be next March) and also found several other themes occurring—cemeteries, street art and graffiti, lettering, and blue doors.

I'm looking forward to working with this collection of images and see where they lead. I'm starting with the documentary part and hope to get a set, or sets, of images to share with you here and on flickr in the somewhat near future. After that, we shall see.

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