Sunday, November 03, 2013

Studio Sunday-Writing on Rocks

My husband asked me to sort through a pile of rocks that he wanted to move and I kept saying, "No, I want to do something with them." So today, I finally went out and gathered up a couple of containers of rocks with the intention of writing on them. As with many of my creative inspirations, the next question is: what will I do with them after?

Here's the plan. I will be having a table at the Healing Arts/Crafts Market in Newburyport next Saturday. I'll have copies of Art Lessons: Reflections From An Artist's Life and The Wondrous Nearer Drew: Artwork Inspired by the Poetry of Emily Dickinson and the Flowers of Massachusetts for sale as well as a few of the smaller and newer Spirit Books. Since I so much enjoyed writing names and messages for people as a volunteer calligrapher at the Newburyport Lantern Festival in September, I decided that I would write names, words, and quotes as people watched on Saturday. I will have the 5 x 7 paper I planned but I'll also be bringing the rocks. I have not yet decided on the price for either and I may offer them as an incentive for multiple book purchases, as well as for a price.

If you're in the area, please come by and see me:

Newburyport Healing Arts/Crafts Market
Unitarian Church
26 Pleasant St
10 Am to 4 PM

1 comment:

Valerianna said...

Looks like a great Market next weekend, have a great time.

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