Sunday, December 29, 2013

Fourth Day of Christmas

We started the holiday season by attending a performance of our favorite singers, Nowell Sing We Clear, on the last day of November. We returned home with their new CD, Bidding You Joy, and have been enjoying it all month. The above words come from the Catalan carol, Cold December. If you are not familiar with Nowell Sing We Clear, a great introduction is L.V. Anderson's recent article on She describes them as "the most underrated Christmas caroling group in the country."

Here is one of my favorite of their carols—Chariots by John Kirkpatrick. In the notes, Tony Barrand writes: John Kirkpatrick was commissioned to write a couple of new carols for "Wassail" tour organized by Folkworks in the north of England in 1995. This new classic, though composed for band, solo voices and a small choir, I affectionately call "The Carol of the Alliteration." John kindly sent us the score and we have remained faithful to it within our own limitations. After we first year sang it, people asked if "that song" was going to be on the next CD. We knew which one they meant.


If you are looking for the lyrics to their not always familiar carols, you can find them at their label, Golden Hind Music.

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