Friday, December 27, 2013

Second Day of Christmas

In 1982 my friend Paul Marion wrote a poem that I later made into a card for him. I was reminded of it by an article by John Collins in the Lowell Sun about the painting Bill Giavis did that was inspired by the poem and was donated to the Town Hall in Dracut where Paul grew up.

Thirty-one years ago, the sight of an orange Lowell dumptruck ferrying the city's Nativity scene characters inspired poet Paul Marion to write "A Hundred Nights of Winter." Now, a painting inspired by Marion's poem, painted by Lowell artist Vassilios "Bill" Giavis, will take up permanent residence inside Dracut's new Town Hall.

The original watercolor painting was created by Giavis, a lifelong Lowell artist, shortly after Giavis first heard Marion read his "A Hundred Nights..." poem aloud on March 17, 1986 at the St. Patrick's Day fundraiser hosted annually by the organization today known as "Lowell Celebrates Kerouac.

I love having yet another reminder of the all the wonderful ways artists inspire each other in this season of light.

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