Thursday, January 23, 2014

National Handwriting Day

Today is National Handwriting Day. As with many national days, this one was started by an organization of businesses, the Writing Instrument Manufacturers Association. While I tend to turn my nose up at holidays geared to the consumer, I take exception with something as near and dear to my heart and as taking real pen to real paper. My reflections for the day are on how much my handwriting changes with the instrument I am using and its purpose. The photo above shows two examples.

I have found that I prefer keeping a journal in a Composition Book, the ones with the black marble on the front. Its utilitarian nature and connection to my elementary school days take away all concern that the words need to be in some way worthy of the container. I have been using this Lamy ABC fountain pen for the past few months. It's what they say is the kid's version, made for beginning handwriters. I purchased one in Paris for my daughter (who is 22 and not a beginning handwriter) and used it on the trip. Its medium nib might not give the finest of letters but I liked its feel and flow. After using it there, I ordered one for myself on my return. Because it is not an edged pen, I don't feel any need to be calligraphic as I am trying to keep up with the words and thoughts that come tumbling from my brain.

I keep my collection of quotes on index cards. When I copy down a quote, I write in a more leisurely way. The words are in front of me and I can take my time. I've become a fan of JetPens which is where I ordered this Akashiya Thin Line marker. It has been an absolute delight. From the first time, I put it to paper, I wrote like this. I love it!

May I encourage you to take a few minutes today and put any pen, marker, or pencil to paper, and enjoy the movement of your hand and the emergence of the words on paper.

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The Idaho Beauty said...

Thanks Susan, we are kindred spirits on this subject. I've shared this with my friends, many who think I'm a bit archaic because of my love of handwriting.

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