Friday, February 28, 2014

Art Lessons Talk Video Online

My Art Lessons Talk at the Newburyport Public Library in December was videotaped by Jesse Christensen. I will be giving the talk again at the Chelmsford Public Library in Chelmsford, MA on March 9 at 2 PM. If you are in the area, I would love to see you there. If you are not, here is the video from Newburyport.

As I viewed it, I thought I was perhaps talking too fast but it felt right in that time and space. My speaking does tend to be more fast than slow, not because I am nervous but because I have so much to say. I also felt that I gave my work over the last 8 years short shrift. It was easier to find connections and threads through the earlier work as I have more distance from it. For the upcoming talk, I have gone back over my more recent work and added significant projects like the lettering on the walls of Nathaniel Hawthorne's birthplace and the NH Humanities Council Bhutanese-Nepali book project. I'm also adding some current projects and thoughts for the future.

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De said...

Last summer I visited Hawthorne's birthplace, and as soon as I saw the calligraphy on the walls, I remembered a blog post here about the project. It was exciting to make that connection, and all in my group were impressed by your work there.

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