Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Valentine Count Up-The Little Prince

I made this pillow case when I was in high school and Le Petit Prince was my favorite book. The message— One sees well only with the heart—still speaks to me. There is show at the Morgan Library in New York that I would love to see—The Little Prince: The New York Story. Here's what the Morgan website says about it:

Since its publication seventy years ago, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry's The Little Prince has captivated millions of readers throughout the world. It may come as a surprise that this French tale of an interstellar traveler who comes to Earth in search of friendship and understanding was written and first published in New York City, during the two years the author spent here at the height of the Second World War.

As he prepared to leave the city to rejoin the war effort as a reconnaissance pilot, Saint-Exupéry appeared at his friend Silvia Hamilton's door wearing his military uniform. "I'd like to give you something splendid," he said, "but this is all I have." He tossed a rumpled paper bag onto her entryway table. Inside were the manuscript and drawings for The Little Prince, which the Morgan acquired from her in 1968.

Focusing on the story's American origins, this exhibition features twenty-five of the manuscript pages—replete with crossed-out words, cigarette burns, and coffee stains—and all forty-three of the earliest versions of drawings for the book. Also on view are rare printed editions from the Morgan's collection as well as personal letters, photographs, and artifacts on loan from the Saint-Exupéry estate, private collections, and museums and libraries in France and the United States.

The Little Prince: A New York Story is the first exhibition to explore in depth the creative decisions Saint-Exupéry made as he crafted his beloved story that reminds us that what matters most can only be seen with the heart.


Anonymous said...

How great that you still have this item from high school.
That is the time when I first read Le Petit Prince in a senior French class.
Later, I reread The Little Prince in English, 2 or 3 times. That quote about the heart is one of my all-time favourites.

Debbie said...

I love this book in fact I must read it again. Would love to visit this exhibition, too far unfortunately. How lucky you are to have something you made at school, I have no idea what happened to the things I made.

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