Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Book Arts Tuesday-Book History

I have just discovered this so I have not even begun to scratch the surface of what is offered in this online course, The Book: 1450 to the Present, presented by Dr. Annette Lamb for the Indiana University-Indianapolis Department of Library & Information Science. There are 9 sections: The Book, As Artifact, As Author Work, As Intellectual Property, As Commodity, As Knowledge, As Print Culture, As Cultural Icon, As Reader. Each begins with a video and then has extensive readings and web content.

Here's the introductory information for the first section on The Book:

When you look at a book, you may see a cover and pages. However a book is ultimately about people. From the author, typesetter, and printer to publisher and reader, a book is much more than a physical object. It's an artifact that reflects the people, period, and places connected with the book.

In the article What is the History of Books?, Darnton (1982, 81) states that books

"refuse to be contained within the confines of a single discipline when treated as objects of study. Neither history nor literature nor economics nor sociology nor bibliography can do justice to all the aspects of the life of a book. By its very nature, therefore, the history of books must be international in scale and interdisciplinary in method."

Explore each of the following areas in this section of the course.

The Book: Defined
Related Works

I'll be dipping into this again and again.

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Velma Bolyard said...

i've gone over to this site, looked around a bit and listened more. THANKS!

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