Sunday, April 13, 2014

Studio Sunday-New Business Cards

After years of printing my business cards on my inkjet printer, I was attracted by the ads for moo cards. What is fun is that you can print up to 100 different images on a set of 100 cards, if you that many images to share and the patience to upload them. I chose the mini moo size (1 1/8 x 2 3/4). I gave them out last weekend at two events, the Independent Publishers of New England Conference and the Book Arts Bazaar in Portland, Maine. For the conference, I think I might have been better off with a traditional size card. In addition to the puzzled looks, I got the sense that my little card could easily slip out of the pile of cards that was being collected. I thought they were more appropriate at my table at the Bazaar. The novelty of the size and the choice of images attracted interest.

It did take me two printing to get the cards I wanted and moo was accommodating. The first time I chose gray for the text on the back. The printing looked like it was done as a screen of black and the letters were broken and uneven. When I sent moo my complaint, they offered to print them again for free. For the second printing, I kept the text in black and changed the surface from matte to gloss which made the images pop more. When I do another printing, I will use only images that show all or most of the book. I thought the close-up shots might be interesting but I don't think they are meaningful outside the context of the whole book.

The Moo website

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