Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Mill City Skillshare

As you may know, the city of Lowell, Massachusetts is near and dear to my heart. I lived in the area from 1977 to 1985. It is where I got my start as an artist doing calligraphy at the dining room table and where I was deeply involved in the art activities of the city. When I visit, I love the diversity of the city and all the energy in the arts. When I heard about Mill City Skillshare, I knew I wanted to particpate if I could. I attended a demonstration of the 3D printer at Lowell Makes and gave a Book Play workshop at UnchARTed Gallery. Thanks to all for making it such a great day.

I couldn't tell you exactly what I thought a 3D printer looked like but I was thinking big and boxy with all the goings on hidden in the inside like a regular printer. So I was surprised to see a small device that looked rather handmade. We watched the design and printing of a small disk with the raised letter L on it. The printing is done in layers or slices.
I have to say it didn't inspire me as a tool to use. The laser cutter and engraver was another story. I am very excited about the possibility of doing some engraving on lucite. Lowell Makes is an amazing place with all kinds of areas to work in: bicycle repair, woodworking, electronics, 3-D printing and engraving, leather work, and more. Memberships are by the month or year and there is also a 3-day pass for special projects. They also give workshops. I hope to be able to take advantage of the opportunity at some point in the future.

My workshop was at the unchARTed Gallery. It was a wonderful space highlighted by the art on the walls, a series of photographs called The Flying Project by Maria Fernanda Bay.

At Book Play, adults and children worked on simple books made from the hot dog booklet. As always, it was such a joy to feel the energy in the room, watch the concentration of focus, and witness the creativity of each individual.

You can see more (and better) photos by Nancy Ho on the Howl Facebook page.

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May flowers, an ephemeral certainty--the paradox of beauty passing and returning. I loved every posting. Thank you! Emily at

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