Sunday, June 01, 2014

Studio Sunday-Video

I've done videos for some time starting with instructional ones focusing on making books with children. I had a proper video camera and a tripod. It wasn't that difficult to set up but enough so that I often didn't bother. And since I did it so infrequently, I always had to relearn the steps of working the camera and downloading the files to the computer.

When I decided I would video a Spirit Book in progress, I wanted to simplfy the process. I used my Samsung galaxy phone, a phone holder for an iphone, a rubber band, and a yogurt container. The video was okay but a little shaky.

My daughter suggested that I might want something better than the phone but simpler than the video camera. This morning we did some tests so that I can work on my own. We used my husband's small Sony camera with this "tripod" which fits on a water bottle that I had given her and she in turn gifted back to me. This will be the arrangement when I make videos of me talking:

Here's a clip from this morning's video. Next time I will brush my hair first and wear a shirt that doesn't use a safety pin instead of a button.
And here is what I will use to video the Spirit Books. We couldn't tilt the camera down enough when the bottle was standing upright so I'm using a box to rest it at an angle.

I look forward to sharing more videos soon. In the meantime, you can see what I've already done on my youtube channel.

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