Sunday, June 22, 2014

Website Commerce Battles

I have spent the better part of 3 days working on putting up my pre-publication offer for the forthcoming Spirit Books Book. The fact that I made my own Buy Now button for the web page may seem like an indication of why it took so long. That may be part of it, but most of my time has been spent doing battle with trying to set up an ecommerce store page through my website. I have been selling my books through my etsy shop but I wanted to look more professional. I used the weebly drag and drop builder to create my new website, which I found so simple (once I accepted that was simple) but found their ecommerce offerings deficient. There was no way to add shipping charges to the items. I gave up on that and saved myself some money as there was an additonal charge. I then went to the shopsite builder that I had access to for free through fatcow, my web host. It was a giant pain to work with in terms of setting shipping costs and the payment options. I finally abandoned it all and went back to using etsy as my selling place. They do make it easy. I'll be posting the official launch info tomorrow but if you want to get a look ahead, you can visit the web page.


ronnie said...

the forthcoming book looks amazing susan --- and I have been interested to read of your travels with online commerce --- I have only looked a little bit at possibilities and I don't know what might be the best path to take regards making a simple online 'shop' of sorts..... hmmmmmmmmmm

Susan Kapuscinski Gaylord said...

I may have leapt to conclusions somewhat because an order was successfully placed and received through my website commerce that I questioned. The jury is still out here. I like the convenience and simplicity of etsy but I don't have a clear sense at all of what is best, whether one is perceived as "better", more professional than other. I can say that if time commitment is an issue, etsy wins. It takes very little time to set up and make listings. My experience is that any of this depends on bringing your own audience. And of course, we'd all rather be making the work than doing the selling. I'll give a sigh to your hmmm.

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