Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Book Arts Tuesday-Blooks

Mindell Dubansky, head of the Sherman Fairchild Center for Book Conservation at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, collects blooks and shares them on her blog, About Blooks. Here's how she describes them:

This blog is devoted to the subject of BLOOKS, objects made in the emulation of books, either by hand or commercial manufacture. All over the world, for hundreds of years, people have been making, collecting and presenting book-objects that reflect their devotion and respect for books and for each other. There are countless examples; they include bars, cameras, radios, banks, toys, memorials, food tins, desk accessories, book safes, musical instruments, magic tricks, furniture and jewelry. Blooks embody the same characteristics as books and many take the form of specific titles and book formats. They signify knowledge, education, taste, power, wealth and more. They have been treasured and passed down through the generations, and many thousands reside in private homes, public and private businesses and in museums and libraries around the world. Blooks have been used to celebrate and memorialize important occasions and personal losses and successes. They serve as reminders of memorable visits to important places, as receptacles to hold valuable and practical objects and are the source of great amusement.

The blooks are so varied—beautiful, fascinating, fun, mysterious, and serious. Thank you Mindell for sharing your collection.

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