Friday, January 30, 2015

New Spirit Book's Cradle

Here's the cradle for the new Spirit Book. I found it last spring while walking at Maudslay State Park. When I saw it on the ground, it was turned over.

I tend to like cradles that give places for books to nestle in and assumed I would use it as I found it. It just didn't seem to work. The problem was not so much with the shape and sizeof the book but finding the right color of paper to work with. There is a lot of gray in the wood but the grays were either too blue or too green and all the various shades of brown and tan had too much yellow. On a whim, I turned it over, placed an already made book on top as a test, and immediately knew I had found my solution. I think the sense that the book will rise from the cradle is appropriate for the St. Brigid's crosses and their suggestion of the coming of spring.

I look forward to showing you the completed book on Sunday.
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