Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Book Arts Tuesday-Jeff Peachey

I've known about Jeff Peachey and the wonderful tools he makes for a long time. A post on facebook alerted me to his blog where he made some posts after travel in Southeast Asia. The above picture is of a copper book from the Huế Museum of Royal Fine Arts that was made between 1802-1945.

This is from another post from his travels:

I traveled in Vietnam around the New Year. In Huế, which was the capitol of Vietnam until 1945, there was a small mobile shoe repair stand on the street. In addition to the ubiquitous Vietnamese plastic stools, this cobbler had a small assortment of shoe repair tools laid out on a work-cloth. I noticed the knife he was using was made out of a hacksaw blade, so I offered to purchase it. When traveling, I often like to try to purchase tools from people that are actually using them, so I can see how they are used in context and know that they work. He named what must have been an outrageous price, because when I accepted he nearly fell off his stool. A few minutes after I left, I noticed he was quickly packing up his business, hopefully to take the day off and celebrate his big score. We were both extremely happy with this transaction.

His website also contains a catalog of the tools he makes. They are things of beauty as well as use.

I don't consider myself a binder and a lot of his tools are out of my league. However this woodcut print fits me perfectly.

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