Saturday, March 14, 2015

Challenge Day 4

Day 4: Photocopier work. In the late '80s, I did a lot of experimenting with the photocopier—copying objects and then manipulating the images by recopying and enlarging. I rented a Ricoh copier which I eventually purchased. I was sad to see it go when the parts were no longer available to fix it.

Above: from a black and white version of Childbirth Journey, charcoal marks and photocopier imagery from natural materials (grape vines, buds, and egg shells I believe)

2) from a series of 4 lullabies (looks like grape vines with budding grapes, ferns, and maybe wisteria)

3) from a limited edition artist book produced on the copier, Contradictions: Jack Kerouac, Lowell, the River, quotes in calligraphy on tracing vellum, images created on the copier from a photograph of Pawtucket Falls by Betsey Bolton with my reflections on Kerouac and Lowell and the Merrimack River in type. (Some copies still available-contact me at susan (at) if you're interested)

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