Sunday, April 26, 2015

Studio Sunday-Books in Bloom

I love Books in Bloom, a fundraising event at the Newburyport Public Library sponsored by the Friend of the Library and the Newburyport Horticultural Society. Participants choose a book and make an arrangement to go with it. It's a joy to create an arrangement and an even greater one to view all the creations on a Saturday evening in spring.

I got the idea for this year's early. I chose An Island Garden by Celia Thaxter. After visiting her recreated garden at Appledore Island off the coast of New Hampshire with the Newburyport Hort a few years ago, I read her book and books about her which I shared in this post.
I knew I wanted a row of individual flowers in simple glass vases since she described arranging flowers that way on a mantle. I also knew I wanted to write a quote from the book.

For the vases, I found tall, straight shot glasses online. My first thought was to have paper somehow wrapped around them. This little birthday arrangement for a friend was a test.

After contemplating the logistics of the paper and the glasses and a way to have them transportable, I decided it would be better to have the writing flat and mount the glasses on binder's board covered with paper. I ended up liking the simplicity very much.

I did the writing with a Speedball C-4 and sumi ink and made no guidelines. After I wrote out the quote, I noticed a slight rise to the right. To counteract that, I added a flourish to the E that started the passage. It looked awkward because it was a bolder and darker line than anywhere else. I then randomly darkened parts of other letters to achieve some balance. I rather like it and may experiment with it in the future.

The flowers came from Beach Plum Too in Newburyport. I purchased them on Wednesday and particularly loved how beautifully the ranunculus opened.

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