Sunday, July 26, 2015

Studio Sunday-Miscellanea Wall

This spot of wall is above where I have the boxes of the Spirit Books catalog stacked and corrrugated cardboard sheets to make boxes for some of the original Spirit Books. It seemed like a good place for several pieces that were replaced with others in the house. The large square was made when I was working with Polaroid transfers. The image is a photograph of a Buddha in an octagonal window in a pagoda at the Mahayana Buddhist Temple in South Cairo, New York that I went to when I was teaching at the Book Arts Jamboree organized by Ed Hutchins and Carolyn Chadwick in 1999.

The Breathe piece is the word written with a Pentel brush pen superimposed on a photograph of a billboard in Photoshop.

"Tidings of comfort and joy" is stitching on handmade paper. I used lettering that I did not use for my Christmas card as a pattern. This is something I'd like to explore more. Part of my dilemma is what words to use. I feel like I'd prefer to do more serious quotes with ink and paper so I am thinking short and lighthearted. I like the idea of using the embroidery hoop instead of a frame.

The circular piece on the bottom was printed on metal at (I think) The image was created in Photoshop from a photograph of a pussy willow catkin.

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