Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Book Arts Tuesday-Alex Appella on Giving Bookmaking Workshops

Alex Appella lives and works in Cordoba, Argentina. We have connected over our love of teaching bookmaking. She has been a supporter of my work and I have the greatest respect for hers.

She has posted a wonderful blog post about giving bookmaking workshops. I want you to read her post so I won't share too much here. But here's taste:

3. Combining the binding technique you are presenting with creative expression makes for powerful workshops.
It empowers and enables people to express themselves in new and diverse ways.

Júan learned Japanese Stabbinding and created his own guide to insects found in the high sierras of central Argentina. 2005.
Josefina also learned Japanese Stabbinding and used it to tell about mining practices and traditions in Southern Bolivia. 2003.

7. No matter where you are, use tools and materials that are easily available to the students so that afterwards they can keep making books without getting frustrated or feeling inadequate.

(Bookbinding Workshop for Teachers at CEDILIJ*. 2013. Cordoba, Argentina 
*Center for Promotion of Libraries and Reading in Schools. Non-profit.)

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