Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Book Arts Tuesday-Collaborative Book Project with Zoranoske Vidakouchi

I was thrilled to get the collaborative book I did with my Croatian facebook friend Zoranoske Vidakouchi in the mail last week. He approached me about taking part in an ongoing project of his—making collaborative books and exhibiting them in Croatia. He left the choice of content and my part in it up to me. Since we both post pictures of flowers from our gardens on facebook, I suggested we make a book of photos of flowers from our gardens. He made the book, we both contributed photos, and I did the calligraphy and mounted the photos.

The book contains 9 flower photos from each of us. Zoran sent me his by email and I printed them with my Epson printer. He also sent the names of his flowers in both Croatian and English and translated mine into Croatian. I wrote the names in calligraphy and mounted the photos. Flowers from my garden are in English on the top: those from Zoran's are in Croatian at the top.

I treasure the book for its intrinsic value and as a symbol of the joy of creating and its capacity for making connections across the world.


Mo Crow said...


Bette Abdu said...

Thank you for sharing this lovely book. What a wonderful opportunity to collaborate with someone from so far away too. Just curious: What is the binding style of this book? and the size of the photos.
Best regards,
Bette Abdu

Susan Kapuscinski Gaylord said...

Thanks Mo!

Bette It's a coptic binding 5.5" high 4.5" wide. It was a great experience. Thank you Bette.

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