Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Book Arts Tuesday-Stephen Rapp on Working Methods for Lettering

I have long admired the work of Stephen Rapp. His website has inspiring examples of his work. In January he made his first blog post adding insights into his process. Here's how he starts the post:

This is the first of what I hope to be many blog posts. I like to share what I do, so I thought it fitting to start with a simple tutorial on working methods for lettering. This is centered around lettering for reproduction rather than fine art or something like envelope addressing.
In order to be successful as a commercial lettering artists you have to use both sides of your brain so to speak. You need to be both practical and analytical while at the same time maintain a creative flow. It helps to see these as supportive of each other rather than as opposites. Most lettering artists who do a lot of work for reproduction tend to develop and use their own working methods to get from an idea to a finished design. That being said, having more than one way of working can sometimes yield better and faster results.
He goes on to describe the process from concept to handwork to digital. Thank you Stephen for sharing. Lots to learn!

Working Methods on Lettering by Stephen Rapp

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