Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Book Arts Tuesday-An End and a Beginning

Spirit Book #86: Hallowed Beginning

This is the last Book Arts Tuesday post on the blog and it seems appropriate to announce it with an image of one of my newest Spirit Books called Hallowed Beginning. It is named for the birch bark cradle which was gathered on the first day of spring. The birch represents beginnings as do the quiet sunrises of circles and rays on the pages.

The end of Book Arts Tuesday represents the beginning of new things, the biggest of which is a series of youtube videos called The Joy of Making Books which will offer instructions and ideas for making simple handmade books. The videos will be short and sweet and have close up views, unlike the Making Books with Children videos I previously made. I hope to have the first ones up sometime this summer. The ending part of that is that I have stopped teaching workshops in order to focus on the sharing online. I will be posting soon about how I came to making the changes in my work and schedule as part of my 65th Year series. 


Mo Crow said...

what a beautiful book to begin your elder years

Susan Kapuscinski Gaylord said...

Thanks Mo!

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