Sunday, July 10, 2016

Studio Sunday-Organizing Photos

As I move toward the end of my 65th year and get ready to celebrate my 65th birthday (I'll be sharing more about my Open Studio Celebration on September 17 soon), I'm trying to get my studio in order physically as well as mentally. One of the things that needed improvement was my organization of my photos on my computer. For years I used Aperture which I loved but which was discontinued by Apple. After some deliberation I decided to go with Adobe Lightroom. I am so frustrated by Adobe's pushing to sell the subscription model to all their programs, but was happy to find that I could purchase the program outright.  I have begun the transfer of all my old photos. Of course, for reasons I won't bother to explain, it is not as easy as it could be but what is? I realized that I had pretty much stopped taking pictures with my camera, partly because my iphone is so convenient and the quality is so good, but partly because I didn't have a good way to organize them. The best part of the process is the gems I am coming across like the photo of a journal page from 1983-84. I have certainly changed my tune about computers.

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