Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Open Studio Prep-Mexican Cemetery Book

Getting ready for my Open Studio has led to viewing older work for the first time in a while and reliving memories. I made this book using photographs from the cemetery at Isla Mujeres in Mexico. My daughter, then in fourth grade, was my companion. I remember how hot is was even though we started fairly early in the morning.

I liked a lot of the photos I took but didn't feel that they adequately represented the experience. To try to recreate visual excitement I felt, I made this accordion book with inkjet printed images mounted on heavy black paper and then trimmed around. I also added some very small size 14 seed beads. I liked the result but realized that I didn't like the level of planning I needed to do. Unlike the Spirit Books where every step evolves unplanned and feels fresh and new, I found the final assembly rather tedious. I had thought when I started that I would make a small edition, but one was enough. I never made this sort of book again.

1 comment:

Mo Crow said...

love the procession of black edges like a stained glass window

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