Monday, October 24, 2016

Studio Sunday-Gift Book

I have placed this fan book given to me as a birthday gift by friend Anne Mulvey near my computer. I love the delicate drawings which remind me of the ones she did for Morning View Haikus, the book project we did together. But even more I love that she made it for me. She told me that as she was working on it which was after my Open Studio, she was asked if she were intimidated by the thought of giving me, who had just shown off my best work from almost 40 years, her little book. She said I know Susan will appreciate it. And I do. I love that she took the time to make it for me, that she used things she had learned in workshops with me, and especially that she embraced my message that all creative work is valuable and important and to be treasured. Thank you Anne!

If this inspires you to make a fan book of your own, you can learn how in this Joy of Making Books video.


Cathryn said...

What a lovely little book: thanks for sharing it!

Susan Kapuscinski Gaylord said...

Thanks Cathryn. I agree that it is lovely.

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