Monday, July 17, 2017

Paula Estey Gallery

It has been such a pleasure and honor to be part of the current show Pretty As A Picture with Karen Tusinki and Jan Roy at the warm and welcoming Paula Estey Gallery in Newburyport, MA. I have four Spirit Books and two framed originals from the Words For Our Time series on display until July 29.

The gallery is made up of several small rooms. Every nook and cranny holds another surprise. The experience is one of discovery. You walk up a couple of steps and enter the main gallery room. Here's some of my work. I especially like the way the Words pieces look on the brick wall.

You then go down a few steps to the Sitting Gallery. Two of the Spirit Books are in the sculpture nook under a painting by Karen Tusinski.

There is a winding hallway filled with art,

leading to more work in the Vault,

and even art on the walls of the bathroom.

Paula is warm, open, enthusiastic, and knowledgeable. Her gallery is always joy to visit and it has been wonderful to work with her. She believes in the power of art to enrich lives and her passion is palpable. In a blog post, she has written eloquently about her journey to gallerist and curator.

I bring my artist's soul to Paula Estey Gallery; to her artists and patrons and visitors. I know what my artists go through to create. I know what they hope for, dream about and desire.  And I know now from experience that there are many people who collect art! 

I have absolutely no qualms about selling art now and no real idea if I will return to creating full time. I seek only to spread art's beauty on the walls of your homes. I understand both sides now, and there's nothing that brings me more pleasure than to complete this circle of creativity in my own life.

Pretty As A Picture continues until July 29
th. A show of Brooklyn artists is up next. Visit if you can!

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Adair said...

Lovely post, and just the nudge I needed to get down to Harris Street before this show is over!

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