Sunday, July 16, 2017

Studio Sunday-New Art Talk Video

I have spent the better part of the last two days at my computer creating and uploading a series of videos from my talk on June 17 at the Paula Estey Gallery. I set up a tripod with my iPhone at the gallery and recorded a video. After talking to my social media expert daughter, I decided to break the 30 plus minute video into smaller parts.

I brought the video into iMovie and divided it into separate clips. I then copied each of the separate clips into a new project and made a series of 13 videos. I didn't do any editing within the clips and added a title to each and my information at the back.

I then exported the files as .mp4 (no choice of file type, iMovie does that automatically) into a folder and uploaded them from youtube. There is an option in iMovie to upload them directly to youtube but I had difficulty with that. As the files were uploaded, I added titles, descriptions, and keywords for each of the videos. Everything takes time.

And now, they are up and ready to share. I'll be highlighting different ones periodically here on the blog but here is the link to view them all:

I hope you enjoy them and feel free to share.

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