Sunday, August 20, 2017

Naming the Garden Take Two

I started a series of calligraphy and photographs in early spring called Naming the Garden which fizzled in late May. There were several problems. The main one was my choice of paper and ink. I was using torn strips of Lokta paper from Chino Crafts in Nepal which was the same paper I used for the Words For Our Time series and J. Herbin ink. The paper was difficult to tear and the writing took multiple attempts as the pen would often catch on the paper and create little blots of ink. I also found that it was hard to make the time to both write the tag and take the photo.  

I have just returned to the project with some changes. I am using Canson Edition paper which is smoother and sturdier and am cutting rather than tearing. I am using only the brown ink and not alternating with the gray. And I have been making lists and am going to write out all the Latin names I can think of at the same time. Then, when a flower is blooming and the light is right, I can go straight to work with my iphone. Below is a practice shot. 

My mother-in-law's passing has been another inspiration. She is the reason I am into Latin names for plants. She started a landscaping business when she was in her early 60s (that indomitable spirit) and schooled me on the importance of identifying plants by their Latin names so there would be no confusion about the exact plant you were looking for. I look forward to the documenting the rest of this season and returning to the garden in the spring. 

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