Sunday, October 22, 2017

Studio Sunday-Writing

I spent some time last week writing about my relationship with calligraphy. I usually write in the composition books with the black and white marble covers as I find them the least intimidating. Sometimes the words just stay there but often I like to share them. Sometimes I publish them on my blog. When I am feeling more ambitious, I look for other outlets. Bound & Lettered has been particularly welcoming. 

I'm considering developing some workshops on writing for artists. I have two ideas. One is personal writing for a deeper understanding of your work. I have, if not solved, at least come to understand some of the emotional issues involved in making my art and the things that I feel are holding me back. My series of 65th Year blog posts are an example, as is my Art Lessons book. The second is writing authentic artist's statements that clearly express the way and how of your work.

If you might be interested, please let me know. I would try out my ideas in small groups locally and think about expanding to online if it all works out.

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