Sunday, December 31, 2017

End of the Year Gratitude

Making art is an act of faith. You have to believe that art matters and makes a difference. The current state of affairs has taught me how much I do believe art matters. I am thankful for all the people who agree and who have helped me reach out beyond my studio. Here's a chronological presentation of this year's events (one of my most productive) and supporters.

The Power of Words: Live Calligraphy & Exhibition 
Clare Gallery, Hartford, CT, January 2017
Thanks to Chair of the Clare Gallery Nancy Wynn, Franciscan Center for Urban Ministry Pastoral Associate Pat Curtis, and John Neal for including my article in Bound & Lettered.

Women's March, January 2017
Thanks to all who printed and shared the pdf of the booklet at marches around the country and world.

The Spirit Books & Artist's Talk 
Brush Art Gallery, Lowell, MA, April–June 2017
Thanks to Brush Director Jim Dyment and artist Cindy Hughes.

Pretty As A Picture: Tusinski, Roy & Gaylord
and Art Stop Saturday Talk and Live Calligraphy
Paula Estey Gallery, Newburyport, MAJune–July 2017
Thanks to Paula Estey for all her support of my work and for all the work she puts in to make Newburyport a place where Art Matters.

White-Ellery House, Gloucester, MA, June 2017
Thanks to Leon Doucette of the Cape Ann Museum and to Karen Battles who introduced me to the space and encouraged me to pursue an exhibition.

Book As Object Talk
G.A.R. Memorial Library, West Newbury, MA, July 2017
Thanks to Susan Babb for being the first to book this talk and to my friends who came for telling me "Book As Object" is not a great title. New title: A Celebration of Books and their History.

Words For Our Time Open Studio
Newburyport, MA, September 2017
Thanks to all my friends who helped me both before and during the Open Studio.

Tiny Gallery Under The Stairs, First Religious Society, Newburyport, MA, October 2017
Thanks to Ann McCrea for suggesting the space and gallery Director Bettina Turner for her support.

Article: In the Absence of Words
Thank you to writer Michelle Xiahros Curran and photographer Kevin Harkins

And thank you to my husband Charlie without whom none of these things would have happened.


Rebecca Wish Esche said...

Lovely, Susan. Thank you always for your kindness and your art. Happy New Year! ❄️🐇❄️💕🌲💕🐇❄️🐇

Mo Crow said...

Happy New Year Susan & Charlie!

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