Sunday, March 11, 2018

I dream of a world...

I just sent off this pennant to Mo Orkiszewski in Australia. She is creating a wonderful project for 2019 called Braille for the Soul dedicating to healing our broken world. It is built around a line from a song by her husband Rod Morgan (Old Man Crow): "I dream of a world where love is the answer." She has invited stitchers from around the world to create pennants from an old wedding dress and talismans to accompany them. Here's how she introduced the project on her blog:

“I dream of a world where love is the answer”
a line from a new song in process by Old Man Crow
remember that old wedding dress I was gifted a few weeks ago?
and how I was wondering what it could be?
I have invited Madeleine over to make the first cut, we will share a bottle of fine wine to fortify our spirits 
whilst listening to Rod Stewart singing The First Cut is the Deepest
and then cut the dress up into pennants along the creases
to be stitched with hopes & dreams
which will hang from a dreaming tree bound with the buttoned back for the trunk and the buttoned sleeves will make the branches
the tree will ride in a papier maché moon boat covered in egg shell with Honesty sprouting from the bow and stern on a sea of tulle floating on a rusted iron dress form that lives at Artsite Gallery
this is a call out for anyone interested in stitching their hopes and dreams into a pennant to fly in this dream?
once the first cut is made I will cut the skirt into long pennants and post them out
making crone magic for our beautiful broken world

I highly recommend visiting her blog, Its Crow Time, to see what has been done and what is yet to come. I am honored to be part of the project. The stitching was pure joy! Thank you Mo.

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Mo Crow said...

(((Susan))) you are a treasure, I'm looking forward to touching the beauty of your stitching and beading in real life so very soon!

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