Thursday, November 29, 2018

Forty Years #12: First Exhibition

I had my first exhibit at Art Alive!, a two person show with Barbara Irving (now Barbara Levesque), the first President of Art Alive! We had the good fortune to have a member and friend, Stephanie Fries, who was a framer with a business called The Underground Framer.
We did not work with standard sizes. Steph cut the mats for us, we ordered the frames (by phone or mail, no online shopping then), bought the glass at a local glass company, and assembled the frames ourselves. I spent the opening avoiding handshakes as I had cut my right hand on the glass while framing.
The exhibit taught me a lot. Most important of all, it taught me that it could be done. It was a lot of work, it was stressful, but it could be done. And it was satisfying to see a collection of one’s work on the wall and to share it with others. And it was much easier to get people to come to see art than to buy it. Exhibiting has gotten easier over the years, but all of the above still hold true. 

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