Friday, December 21, 2018

Forty Years #32: Teaching at Rivier College Part 2

The students were assigned four projects a semester. The first was with Roman caps and a Speedball B nib. One project was to do a quote about the alphabet (I gave quotes or they could find their own) and the alphabet.
Another was to understand how the weight of the letter can vary based on the relationship of the pen width to the size of the letter. They used a black and white photo and created a lettered piece showing  the gradations of gray.
For uncial, we made books. I encouraged students to use words that were meaningful to them. They use poems, songs, and a perfume ad for a student interested in fashion. 

The assignment for the foundational hand was to audiotape something—a TV show, a conversation, something on the radio—and try to convey the changes in voices and volume through letter size, spacing, color, and arrangement.
The final project was one either using Italic or the student's choice.

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