Friday, August 30, 2019

Book Preview-Jenny Hunter Groat and Notan

"In the fall of 1985, I took a weekend workshop in Boston with Jenny Hunter Groat on Notan, the Japanese design principle based on the interaction of dark (no) and light (tan). I had first encountered the concept in a design class with Brenda Lowen-Siegel at the DeCordova Museum School. I loved Jenny’s workshop and I loved Jenny, especially the philosophical depth she brought to the study of calligraphy and design. From her experiences with Zen Buddhism and Jungian analysis, she saw Notan as more than a design principle. It spoke to her of the importance of acknowledging and balancing light and dark, positive and negative, in all aspects of life."

The above paragraph is an excerpt from my forthcoming book Calligraphy: How I Fell In, Out, and In Love Again. Jenny Hunter Groat would be ninety years old today. I post this is her honor. She was such an important figure in my development as an artist.

Click here to download a pdf of the image. It is part of my Words From Susan: Inspiration for Today's World series of free downloads to print and share.

The new book launches on September 14 and will be available from amazon.

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