Monday, October 07, 2019

Book Trailer and the Trials of Promotion

Phase Two of Calligraphy: How I Fell In, Out, and In Love Again has begun. It's time for my least favorite part—promotion. I was an only child in a supportive family who did everything they could to help me find my way and I credit whatever success I have had to my parents. However, they did not take to self-promotion. Others could say nice things, but a self-compliment would be greeted by a gesture of horn playing and a "Toot, Toot" from my father. I absorbed the message: Don't toot your own horn.  Unfortunately we live in a world where are increasingly being asked to toot away. It was an issue when I started forty years ago and it becomes more pronounced every year. I try to approach it as sharing and appreciate your patience.

Here's the book trailer:

Feel free to join in the sharing. If you buy a book and like it, please share reviews and comments. This is a totally solo project with no publisher or organization behind it. I'm open to suggestions of libraries and museums that might be interested in talks, calligraphy and art groups who might want to review it in their newsletters, etc. Any help you can give is most welcome.

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