Friday, December 20, 2019

Advent Calendar of Cards Day 20 (2014)

I write a bit about this card in my book as it marked a turning point—my return to a deeper involvement with calligraphic work after a workshop with Mike Gold sponsored by Masscribes. I often mix capitals and lower case letters in my calligraphy now and it traces back to this card. Here's an excerpt from the book:

The workshop gave me confidence in the work I was already doing and led me to new explorations. Shortly after Mike’s workshop, I made a solstice card using lines from St. Julian of Norwich, “All shall be well and all shall be well and all manner of thing shall be well.” I first wrote it in standard upper-and-lower case. When I realized that the many double ‘l’ combinations were keeping the eye from moving around the page, I combined upper and lower cases throughout the body of the text. I liked the way the mixture looked and continue to use it frequently.

You can read a blog post from about the process of designing the card here. You can find information about the book here.

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