Saturday, February 29, 2020

Croning Ceremony

I am a crone! You may wonder why I say it with such enthusiasm when the Merriam-Webster definition of a crone is “a cruel or ugly old woman.” Because there is another definition, a much older one—a wise woman who is honored for her age and experience. To celebrate this older definition, the ancient ritual of the Croning Ceremony has been revived.

I was croned last year in a ceremony led by my friends Anne Mulvey and Irene Egan. I saw it as a way to take my position as an elder—to acknowledge my experience and my strength and put my youthful insecurities behind me.

The beautiful thing about the ceremony is that it is both personal and communal. Sharing this transition with other women of all ages brought both empowerment and peace. I loved it so much that I have joined Anne and Irene as part of the Croning Ceremony team. We are doing one on March 8 in Lowell. You can download a flyer here.

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