Saturday, September 17, 2022



When I heard the new King Charles referred to as a septuagenarian, I thought, Wow, he’s old. Then I realized I too am a septuagenarian. Last year I turned 70. This year I am in my seventies. Since I began my birthday year with a spine surgery a couple of weeks in followed by a more extensive one 3 months later, there has been a lot of healing to do. Progress is steady and I feel SO much better than I did last year on my birthday but it is slow. I spend a lot of time focusing on exercise of various sorts (walking, PT, Tai Chi, swimming) and a corresponding amount of time resting. I do spend time in the studio. While I miss being lost in my own world at my desk or computer for hours and hours at a time, the half hour segments are extra special and extra sweet.

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