Thursday, November 08, 2007

Quotidian Practice

Last Saturday I attended the opening of Quotidian Practice, an exhibiton of collages by Janine Wong at the Artists' Foundation in Boston. The gallery was very small which made the 122 small collages matted and framed in black all the more powerful. They covered the three walls of the gallery and it was fascinating to both absorb the impact of the body of work and view them individually and revel in the simplicity and richness of each.

Janine describes the work: "This body of work represents a daily practice of searching, thinking and creating visual ideas. My ideas are linked by the exploration of “what remains.” From fragments to collections, detritus to pentimenti and bricolage, my work collects and systemizes the archaeology of my everyday life."

The exhibition contuniues through December 15. Gallery hours are Saturday 12–5pm.

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