Friday, November 09, 2007

Golden Slumbers from Notan Press

Golden Slumbers is a series of four prints of lullabies I created in 1988. At the time, I was still doing calligraphy and working a lot with the photocopier. The images were created from photocopied natural materials. Here is what I wrote in the introduction:

As I remember being a child and experience being a parent, I often feel how difficult the relationship can be. As a parent, I am trying to meet both his needs and my own and guide him into the world. As a child he is, and I was, eager to experience the world his own terms and in his own way. There is often conflict. But there are moments, times of absolute peace and union, when the sharing of that time is the only thing in the world. Everything makes sense; everything is bathed in a golden glow. These lullabies are a celebration of those times. I have used traditional lullabies as a way of connecting with other parents across time and space. I have drawn on my feelings as both a parent and a child in creating this work.

Golden Slumbers pdf

The work from Notan Press is offered for free under the Creative Commons license.

If you spend time with the work, please consider a contribution to support the sharing.

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ainesse said...

Hello Susan

I have enjoyed looking at your bookart works and congrats on a lovely website showcase to present them. I particularly found the Birth Journey to be very strong. I think it was mainly the genuine truthful nature of the writing more than anything. You are brave to do this and I applaud you.

If I ever wrote about my experience of giving birth it would be just too upsetting I imagine for people to read.
IHaving read your eg journey of birth presesnted as you have done in a PDF form it makes me now consider whether I might do this with a book I made called Mothschman Type Infant. It has dual layered poetic text that I made as I created the book. It happened in Tandem to the construction of the images. I love this piece. Here is a link to it.
Concerning artists' books - I have only ever made unique works.

take care and best wishes


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