Friday, January 21, 2011

An Illuminated Cat for a Full Moon

What a perfect surprise to find this card from Mo Orkiszewski from Australia in my post office box on the full moon! And on the inside—an emu feather! The way we can connect across the globe these days is always amazing to me. And to have made a connection first online and then to send real things in the mail, even better. Here's the ink hanging I sent to her in her studio.

Mo's card is the letter "U" from An Illuminated Book of Cats by Rod Morgan, Mo Orkisewski, and Ariel P. Cat. You can see more of Mo's work at Blue Cat Heaven.


Unknown said...

How ironic to see your post! The moon tonight is so beautiful, despite the cold, as it came over the horizon. Beautiful & orange but not completely full it is amazing to see.
So wonderful to read about this exchange between two artistic spirits, one in Australia & one in the U. S.
So great to see the pictures of both artworks.
Patricia (in Canada!)

Mo said...

Thank you Susan!

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