Sunday, January 23, 2011

Trees of My City by Roberto Mighty

Yesterday I went with friends Meghan and Trudy to see Trees of My City, a film and exhibit by Roberto Mighty. Here's how he describes his project:

Trees of My City is an original multimedia installation about the beauty and science of dormant, dead and decaying trees in one American city over one calendar year...and how we can expand our ideas about the cycle of life by contemplating how nature deals with death.

In the film we join him in his travels around Newton, MA looking at dying and decaying trees. He is a friendly and enthusiastic guide. I loved the way he interwove personal reflections and interviews with scientists including an ornithologist, a plant physiologist, an ecologist, and an architect. It is a reminder that there is poetry and art in learning and wonder in the world around us. He hopes that this is the beginning of a great adventure where he can give others a forum to tell their tree stories. I wish him the best.

Visit Roberto Mighty's blog for more information about Trees in the City.

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