Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Winter Reading—Margaret Murie

Margaret Murie was one of the suggestions of authors for my Rainbow of Hands Library Book. Carolyn Pardini wrote me about her and her husband: "Adventurers, authors, scientists, naturalists, founders of the Wilderness Society, Margret was born in 1901, the same year as my grandmother, the first woman to graduate from U of Alaska, Fairbanks and the author of my favorite book, Two in the Far North."

I started with Arctic Dance: The Mardy Murie Story by Charles Craighead and Bonnie Kreps which was adapted from their film by the same name. It traces her life story and is illustrated with wonderful photographs. Her life was long, 1902-2003, and fruitful. In addition to living a bold life of adventure, she was a major figure in wilderness preservation and the environmental movement and received the Presidential Medal of Freedom from President Clinton.

I've now moved onto her book Two In The Far North. At the moment she is a nine-year-old in Fairbanks, Alaska. Her description of weeks of minus 50 degree weather makes me feel like a wimp. I look forward to more humbling and vicarious thrills as her northern adventures, including a 550-mile dogsled honeymoon in the arctic, continue.

Arctic Dance Book

Arctic Dance DVD

Two in the Far North

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