Saturday, February 05, 2011

Valentine Count Up/ Heart Accordion

This Valentine book is made with three different size accordions: one of the largest, two of the middle size, and four of the smallest.

When making the heart shape, it's easiest if you cut through all the layers at once so leave the accordion folded. Make a heart pattern that will fit on top of the folded accordion, or just cut the heart shape by eye. Make sure you leave part of each side of the accordion uncut. If you don't, you'll have four separate hearts.

I made the largest accordion without a pointed bottom so the book could stand. I then made two smaller heart-shaped accordions and glued one (back of its first and last pages) into each double-page spread of the larger accordion. I added the four smaller accordions in the same way.

You can find directions for a four page accordion at You don't need to make a cover.

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