Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Book Arts Tuesday/Leaves of Gold

I discovered this website when I was researching my book, Hands-On History: Middle Ages (sadly—at least in my opinion—out of print from Scholastic). Leaves of Gold was created to accompany a collaborative exhibition organized by the Philadelphia Museum of Art and the Philadelphia Area Consortium of Special Collections Libraries in 2001. What makes it so useful is the Learning Center (Slide Show, How Manuscripts Were Made, Teacher Introduction, Manuscript Templates, Reading Lists, Suppliers, and Glossary: Medieval Manuscript Terms) in addition to the Exhibition Gallery which divides the books into the categories of Bibles, Books of Hours, Psalters, Liturgies, and Literary. It's a bit frustrating that the images cannot be enlarged (although some can be seen larger in the Learning Center) but there is so much information here, it is well worth a visit. One can only applaud the collaborating exhibitors for making so much information available.

Leaves of Gold: Treasures of Illumination from the Philadelphia Collections


Rachel said...

Thanks so much Susan, I am going to spend WAY too much time at that site. Just to let you know that http://www.getty.edu has a lot of their illuminated manuscript collection on line and with full access to zoom in, enlarge, etc. So much beauty and inspiration, so little time.

Joan Emerson said...

At a book sale, I stumbled upon a charming but abbreviated small book, The Lindisfarne Gospels, A Masterpiece of Book Painting. Janet Backhouse, Curator of Illuminatd Manuscripts at the British Library, authored the book, with which you are probably familiar. (Published by Pomegranate Artbooks, San Francisco in association with the British Museum.

Thank you for your lovely and thoughtful postings, they are an inspirational delight!

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